No Border Group Warsaw


We are an anarchist/anti-capitalist collective based in Warsaw, Poland whose actions, in various forms, center on resistance towards the EU border regime and building solidarity and mutual empowerment in the migrant movement.

The collective originated as an informal group of support for migrants incarcerated in Polish/EU’s detention camps (prisons). In 2012, it was involved in coordinating and passing information during the largest hunger strike of detention inmates between detention centers, an organized action resulting in some legal changes. Currently, its actions cover an array of initiatives in different fields.


CONSTANT WORK with migrants on everyday basis: helping solve problems related to discrimination in the workplace and in school, paperwork, legal issues, infrastructure, etc. and organizing interventions.


  • building a migrant support network
  • sharing information via networking and Internet
  • People Above Borders campaign: mapping migrant-friendly venues
  • initiating a grassroots campaign on antidiscrimination in Warsaw high schools
  • collaborating with Noborder groups in various locations


  • commemorating dates vital for the movement and creating alternative to the official language for communicating the migration topics (via conferences, debates, film screenings, demonstrations, street actions, happenings)
  • housing and coordinating the annual AntiFrontex Days
  • integration events for migrants (Migrant Afternoons)


  • reporting work (filming, interviews, inquiries, and interventions)
  • monitoring events linked to the migrant cause
  • documenting protest and strikes of inmates at Polish detention centers (notably, the campaign to publish E. Lemonjava’s book denouncing the crimes of the detention and deportation system)
  • documenting and reporting conditions on the Balkan route from Turkey to Germany, gathering testimonies, bearing witness (Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey)

FIELDWORK in the Balkans, Greece and at the Syrian Border (support and documentation work in critical locations within the refugee pathway, among others NoBorder solidarity camp in Lesvos, Greek refugee squats, NoBorder kitchens in Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, work within independent solidarity groups in Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey).

Gathering funds and means for the above.

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